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The close living quarters of New York City and the vast number of travelers in the area make it a hot spot for bed bugs. And contrary to popular belief, even the cleanest resident in the city could have bed bugs. They feed on human blood and don’t care about your crumbs. Before you find yourself with a bed bug problem, check out this prevention guide.


Bed bug infestations in New York City often begin in one of three ways. First, you could encounter them while traveling. Bed bugs often hang out at travel hubs and crawl onto luggage and coats. If you sleep in a hotel with bed bugs or put your suitcase on the floor at an airport, bed bugs could choose you as a victim. They may follow you home and take over.

Secondly, bed bugs could be hiding in your used furniture or clothing.  Your favorite second-hand shop in the city might be great, but they could have bed bugs. If you bring home a dresser or shirt with bed bugs, you are initiating the infestation.

Lastly, bed bugs could come from your neighbor’s home. Although bed bugs prefer to hitchhike, they sometimes crawl from one home to another. In apartment buildings, this is a likely outcome.


Bed bugs are fast breeders, so you don’t have long before they reproduce. The infestation begins with a few bed bugs getting inside, and it ends with hundreds or thousands of bed bugs.

These New York City pests could be in your bedroom, living room, and even your photo frames. They take over quickly and leave you itchy reminders of their presence.


To keep bed bugs from getting into your home, you should do the following:

  • Don’t Put Your Suitcase On The Ground
  • When you travel, think about the way you treat your suitcase. Do you throw it on the ground or up against a wall? If so, you’re making it easy for bed bugs. They can crawl directly onto your luggage. Prevent bed bugs from coming home with you by using a luggage rack. When you position the rack, make sure it’s not touching the wall.
  • Check your hotel bed. Before you stay at a hotel, check the mattress and room for signs of bed bugs. You might see shed skins, fecal stains, or live bed bugs. If anything seems suspicious, stay elsewhere.
  • Check your second-hand Items after a shopping spree such as furniture and appliances. Look for eggs, shed skins, and bloodstains. Don’t take the risk of bringing bed bugs into your home.
  • Seal all your entryways. If your neighbor has bed bugs, you could have bed bugs. In New York City, homes and apartment buildings are close enough for bed bugs to get around. They might go from your neighbor to you. To make this traveling more difficult, use a door sweep and check for holes or gaps around your home.


If you look on the internet, you can find hundreds of suggestions for keeping bed bugs away. However, essential oils or baking soda won’t save you from these pests. There’s no way you can guarantee bed bugs won’t get inside and take over.

Because bed bug prevention is such a challenge, you’re better off being ready to deal with an infestation. If you work with us at Broadway Pest Services, you can get bed bug elimination at its best. We use a customized approach to treat your property for bed bugs. If you have any questions or want to learn more, call us now.