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Bed Bug Control in New York City

Make Your Home or Business Comfortable with Help from Our Bed Bug Technicians in Brooklyn, NY

There was a time not so long ago when bed bugs were almost entirely extinct in the United States; however, over the past 15-20 years, there has been a resurgence in their populations. 

Here in New York City, it began inside international hotels and hostels, but has since spread to homes and businesses all over the city. If you have a bed bug infestation in your home or business, professional pest control is a must to eliminate them. Broadway Pest Services is ready to help!

Keeping Your NYC Home Bed Bug Free

We are so confident in our ability to rid your property of bed bugs that we guarantee no bugs or bites for 60 days following your initial treatment.

 We will return up to two times during this time frame if you continue to have a bed bug problem. The experts at Broadway Pest Services are your local bed bug professionals, and we are equipped to handle bed bug infestations of any size.

Reach out to us today to schedule bed bug control treatments for your home in the Bronx, Hudson County, Queens, Yonkers, New Rochelle, Brooklyn, or New York City! Call (888) 966-9069 to get started.

Preventing Bed Bug Infestations

Preventing bed bug infestations is the key to keeping your home or business safe and comfortable. Our team of bed bug technicians in Brooklyn, NY is here to help you with effective prevention strategies. By taking proactive measures, you can greatly reduce the risk of bed bugs entering your space. Here are some tips to prevent bed bug infestations:

  1. Inspect second-hand furniture: Before bringing any used furniture into your home or business, thoroughly inspect it for any signs of bed bugs. Pay close attention to seams, crevices, and any dark spots.
  2. Be cautious when traveling: Bed bugs can hitch a ride on your luggage or clothing when you travel. Inspect your hotel room for any signs of bed bugs, and keep your luggage elevated off the floor.
  3. Seal cracks and crevices: Bed bugs can enter your space through tiny cracks and crevices. Seal any openings in walls, baseboards, and furniture to prevent their entry.
  4. Regularly clean and vacuum: Regular cleaning and vacuuming can help eliminate any potential hiding spots for bed bugs. Pay attention to areas such as mattress seams, bed frames, and upholstery.
  5. Use protective covers: Consider using bed bug-proof mattress and box spring covers to prevent bed bugs from infesting your bedding.

By following these prevention tips, you can significantly reduce the chances of a bed bug infestation. However, if you do encounter a bed bug problem, our NYC bed bug treatment options are available to effectively eliminate them from your space. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and experience our reliable and professional pest control services.

Commonly Asked Questions

What should I do if I think my home or business has a bed bug infestation?

If you suspect that your property has a bed bug infestation, it is important to contact a professional pest control company as soon as possible. Bed bugs reproduce quickly and can spread rapidly, so the sooner they are treated the better.

Are there any natural remedies for getting rid of existing bedbugs?

When dealing with an existing infestation it is best to seek professional help from an experienced pest control company. Natural remedies may only provide temporary relief from existing pests but will not eliminate them completely.

Helpful Resources

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small, brownish-red, oval-shaped insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals. They are generally found in mattresses, box springs, bed frames, and other furniture. Bed bugs are nocturnal, meaning they come out at night to feed on their hosts. Bed bugs can be found in any environment, but they are most commonly found in homes, hotels, motels, and other places where people sleep.

How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs can be spread in a variety of ways. The most common way is through contact with another infested area.

People most often bring bed bugs into their homes on their:

  • Clothing
  • Luggage
  • Purses
  • And any other personal items that have been in contact with an infested area

Bed bugs can also be spread through the air, through walls and floors, and through shared bedding and furniture. Bed bugs can come from a variety of sources, including other people, animals, and more.

Bed bugs can be brought into a home from other infested areas, such as hotels, motels, and other shared public spaces. Bed bugs can also be brought in through second-hand furniture, clothing, and other items that have been in contact with an infested area.

What Are the Signs of Bed Bugs?

If you suspect that you have bed bugs, there are a few signs that you should look for. Bed bugs leave behind small, dark spots on mattresses, box springs, and other furniture. You may also notice small, red bite marks on your skin, which are the result of bed bug bites. Additionally, bed bugs have a distinct, musty odor, which can be detected in infested areas.

What Kills Bed Bugs Instantly

Bed bugs can be killed instantly by exposure to high-temperature steam (over 120 degrees Fahrenheit). You can also vacuum them up, bag them, and carry them outside immediately.

If you suspect you have bed bugs, it’s essential to act immediately. The best way to get rid of bed bugs is to contact a professional pest control company, such as Broadway Pest Services. Our experienced technicians will inspect your home, identify the source of the infestation, and develop a customized plan to eliminate bed bugs. 

Our NYC Bed Bug Treatment Options

At Broadway Pest Services, we have become experts at treating bed bug problems. Using the latest technologies, we have developed several treatment methods that are incredibly effective and can be performed independently or in conjunction with each other. 

Our bed bug treatment options include some of the following: 

Traditional Chemical Bed Bug Control

This conventional method involves applying a residual chemical treatment to cracks and crevices, bed frames, along the edges of carpets, and more. This treatment includes a follow-up visit.

Green Chemical Bed Bug Control

This method begins with a thorough vacuuming of living areas. We then apply a plant-based biopesticide that has a lower toxicity level than our traditional chemical treatment.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatments have long been considered as one of the most effective methods of eliminating bed bugs. By heating your home or apartment to high temperatures, we can eradicate your bed bug problem in a way that’s safe for your home and family.

Cryonite — Environmentally-Friendly CO2 Freezing Technique

Our Cryonite treatment is done in conjunction with our traditional chemical treatment and is our most effective method of eliminating bed bugs. We apply a chemical treatment and use Cryonite on sensitive areas, such as mattresses and other sensitive equipment. We can also perform this treatment along with our green chemical treatment, instead of the traditional chemical treatment.

Schedule Your NYC Bed Bug Treatment with The Pros

We're very confident in our ability to get rid of any and all bed bugs at your home or business. In fact, we're prepared to guarantee no bugs or bites for 60 days after your initial treatment. Contact Broadway Pest Services for bed bug infestations of any scale.

Do you have a bed bug infestation in New York City? Contact the bed bug removal experts at Broadway Pest Services by calling  (888) 966-9069 or sending us a message online today!




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