Clothes and Meal Moth Experts in New York

Clothes and Meal Moth Experts in New York

Finding clothes and meal moths in your property can raise alarms for homeowners, property managers, and business owners alike. These pests are notorious for their ability to damage textiles, garments, and pantry items, posing a risk of considerable loss. Immediate and expert intervention is essential to address infestations of both clothes and meal moths efficiently, safeguarding your property from potential widespread damage.

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Moth Management & Extermination Services in New York

Moths are not as intimidating as wasps or other flying insects but they present their own unique set of challenges and can damage property. Broadway Pest Services offers specialized moth management solutions for both residential and commercial properties across New York City and its surrounding regions. Our team of licensed experts is adept at safely and efficiently eradicating common moth varieties from your premises by leveraging advanced treatment technologies. With a legacy spanning over five decades, our professionals are equipped with the knowledge and experience to help you protect your property from the threat of moths.

Protect Your Property from Moth Damage

The primary concern with moths stems from their larvae, rather than the adult moths themselves, as it is during this stage that they cause the most damage. This is due to the larvae’s diet on materials such as wool, cotton, silk, and even pantry goods, with this stage lasting from one month to as long as half a year.

Moth Varieties We Address:
  • Cloth Moths
    Specifically, Tineola bisselliella and Tinea pellionella, whose larvae feed on the keratin in natural fibers. Adults are typically under ¾ inch in length and vary in color from whitish-grey to dark brown.
  • Meal Moths
    Including the Indian meal moth, notorious for consuming grains and pantry items. These moths can severely deplete food supplies before transitioning to adulthood, featuring a wingspan around 5/8 of an inch and coloring that ranges from yellow to dark grey.

Indications of a Moth Infestation

Detecting a moth infestation can be challenging due to their discreet nature. However, our extensive experience enables us to accurately identify infestations for prompt and effective treatment. Key signs include:

  • Small holes in fabrics or pantry goods
  • Sightings of adult moths, either flying or stationary
  • Presence of webbing or silky tunnels in storage areas
  • Discoveries of eggs or larvae casings within food packages

Professional Moth Control Solutions in New York

Broadway Pest Services is committed to delivering effective solutions to your moth problem. We offer same-day services, complimentary estimates, and unparalleled treatment effectiveness for properties throughout New York City, Brooklyn, and beyond.

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