Don't Let Rats & Mice Takeover Your Property
Rat and Mice Treatment and Solutions

Don't Let Rats & Mice Takeover Your Property

Addressing rat and mice issues is a serious matter. These pests are not only a nuisance but can also inflict considerable damage on your property, pose health risks through potential diseases, and even attract fleas. Ignoring a rat or mice infestation often leads to an increase in their population, necessitating the intervention of professional pest control services to effectively eliminate them. At Broadway Pest Services in New York, our team of experts is skilled in dealing with rats, mice, and any other unwanted rodents that may have found their way into your home, ensuring a safe and rodent-free environment for you and your tenants.

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What to Expect from Broadway Pest Services for a Property Free from Rats and Mice

Choosing Broadway Pest Services ensures a thorough eradication of all rats and mice from your property. After successfully removing these pests, we implement our proven strategies for exclusion to avoid future occurrences. Our experienced team carefully identifies and seals off potential entry points to block access and places strategic traps to prevent the return of rats and mice.

Our Rat and Mice Control Services

At Broadway Pest Services, we provide a comprehensive array of services to address all aspects of rat and mice control, including:

  • General rat and mice management
  • Rat extermination and control
  • Mouse extermination and control
  • Rat and mice proofing and prevention
  • Complete rat and mice removal services

Rat and Mice Prevention and Exclusion

Our approach to controlling rats and mice at Broadway Pest Services is all-encompassing. It begins with a thorough inspection of your premises to determine the scope and severity of the infestation. This is followed by a robust treatment plan aimed at ceasing all rat and mice activity. Our strategy includes the use of advanced baiting and trapping methods, complemented by a powerful tracking powder that is exclusively available to certified pest control experts.

The cornerstone of our services is our exclusion technique. We carefully evaluate and block potential entry points, significantly reducing the chances of future infestations. Our team consists of local professionals who are deeply committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. We guarantee the quality of our work by offering a 14-day return policy and preferential pricing for follow-up services within the first three months after treatment, providing extended protection against rats and mice.

With our dedication to prompt service, competitive pricing, and effective solutions, Broadway Pest Services has been the trusted choice for rat and mice control for over five decades.

Achieve Optimal Rat and Mice Control with Broadway Pest Services

If you’re facing issues with rats or mice, or wish to prevent them, our experts are ready to help. Broadway Pest Services is a locally owned business that treats every job with the care and attention as if it were for our own home. Contact us today or fill out our pricing form for a free quote and ensure your property remains free from rats and mice.

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