Cloth moth

Cloth Moth Control in New York City

What Is a Cloth Moth?

Picture this, you are getting ready for a night out and reach for your favorite coat, only to realize there are a few new holes in it. Cloth moths are a particularly annoying nuisance in that often, you don’t know there is a problem until damage has been done. At Broadway Pest Services, we have been delivering top-quality moth control services to properties in New York City, Brooklyn, and the surrounding areas. We pair over 50 years of experience with innovative treatments and customized service for solutions that are second to none. 

With over 1,000 different types of moth species in New York, it can be easy to think that the second you see a moth, your clothing is unsafe. In reality though, only a few species snack on fabric. The two main types of cloth moths are webbing moths (Tineola bisselliella) and casemaking moth (Tinea pellionella). 

Adult webbing moths are small and beige with fringed, narrow wings. Unlike the old adage “like a moth to a flame”, these insects prefer dark spaces like closets and attics. Adult casemaking moths are also small, but have small, dark grey specks on their wings. 

The Lifecycle of a Cloth Moth

Adult moths are the often the most visible, and while annoying, they are not as damaging as their young. Cloth moth larvae are the main culprit for holes in bedding, clothing, and upholstery—as adults don’t have mouths. Typically, female adults can lay up to 50 eggs at a time. Once they hatch, the larvae grow—enjoying and eating your fabrics—for up to two months. When ready to pupate, the larvae wrap themselves in a silken wrap to protect them while they become adults.

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Ways to Prevent Cloth Moths

At Broadway Pest Services, we not only want to help you get moth-free, but stay moth-free. That is why in addition to our customized treatments, we offer our honest recommendations on how to prevent future infestations. 

Four Ways to Prevent Cloth Moths

  1. Regularly clean susceptible items like wool. While dry cleaning is the most effective, washing clothes in very hot water, will help kill any eggs or lingering larvae. If certain clothes cannot stand up to this washing, you can freeze them for 2 days to have a similar effect.
  2. Carefully wipe and vacuum your closet regularly, disposing of any debris outside to ensure lingering eggs and larvae don’t make their way back in.
  3. Invest in airtight containers to contain susceptible clothing like wool, fur, and leather.
  4. Invest in natural repellants like cedar chips or lavender.  

While these are generalized recommendations, our licensed and highly trained technicians will offer personalized options to ensure the most effective prevention possible. We are available for same-day appointments and match our innovative treatment with affordable pricing—starting every service with a free estimate.

If you are ready to take your closet back from harmful moths, call us at (888) 966-9069 or fill out our quick and easy online form today!



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