How Dangerous Are Roaches In New York City Homes?

American cockroach

Pest problems always seem to be a lot worse in larger cities, and cockroaches in particular definitely take full advantage of booming metropolises. New York City is the largest city in the United States, and even though it's an incredible area filled with jaw-dropping entertainment and beautiful sights, that also means cockroaches have a bounty of places to hide and food to feast on. These insects may be annoying to deal with, but they're also pretty dangerous to have around your home too.

Common Cockroaches In New York City

There are over four thousand species of cockroaches worldwide, but less than 40 of those are considered invasive pests. Most prefer outdoor living, as more domestic environments would be uninhabitable for them, but in New York City there are only three different species that residents and business owners have to worry about:

  • American Cockroaches – up to 2 inches in length, reddish-brown in color, large wings extending over the length of their bodies

  • German Cockroaches – roughly ½ of an inch long, tan to light brown in color, wings extending over the length of their bodies

  • Oriental Cockroaches – around 1 inch long, dark brown to black in color, wingless

It's a common misconception that only filthy homes and businesses can have cockroach infestations. While dirtier residences provide a better environment for them to thrive, cockroaches can survive for weeks without food and can subsist off the smallest of morsels. Any home can fall victim to an infestation, and not even the cleanest of buildings are immune to their ever-growing populations.

The Dangers Cockroaches Bring Into New York City Homes

Cockroaches are notorious for living in bacteria-ridden areas, and Oriental cockroaches are even known to live within sewers before infesting properties. This makes them ideal hosts for spreading harmful and potentially deadly pathogens. This isn't the only dangerous contribution they can provide to your New York City home, either; if an infestation gets big enough, their shed skins, excrement, and heightened activity in your home can trigger asthma and allergy problems, and cause breathing problems for young children and the elderly.

These insects may not be experts at flying, but they more than make up for it in sheer leg power. Some cockroaches have even been clocked at scurrying up to 3 miles an hour, which would be incredibly impressive under better circumstances. With the ability to move around at such high speeds, a cockroach infestation can contaminate every single surface in a short amount of time, with pathogens such as:

  • Dysentery

  • Listeriosis

  • Salmonella

  • Leprosy

  • Campylobacteriosis

  • Typhoid fever

  • Plague

  • Giardia

  • Gastroenteritis

  • Cholera

How To Handle A Cockroach Infestation On Your New York City Property

For pests that are this reclusive, resilient, and dangerous, underestimating a cockroach infestation in your New York City home could be one of the worst mistakes you'll ever make. A lot of people try to save on money by purchasing store-bought pesticides and commercial pest control products, but not only are they largely ineffective, but they also contain harmful chemicals that could put you and your loved ones at risk. When it comes to cockroaches, it's always best to hire a licensed professional.

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