How Flies Around Your New York City Property Can Be Worse Than You Think

House fly

Just A Minor Inconvenience?

One of the most common pests that New Yorkers have to deal with in their homes is house flies. These flies are usually spotted by their three grey stripes that run along the back of their bodies. Now, flies might annoy us at the dinner table or try to set up shop in our garbage cans, but we don’t usually go to a lot of trouble to get them out of our homes. When we see a fly buzzing around the house, we don’t usually drop everything we’re doing to kill it as we might with a wasp or a cockroach. After all, flies are only 7 mm in length at the most and they only live for about a month. How much harm could they possibly cause…right.

House Flies: Detrimental To Your Home And Health

If you saw a rat running around your house, wouldn’t you go to great lengths to capture it? You’d set out traps, buy rat poison, or even call pest control. Why? Because rats are disgusting. They carry diseases and they can damage your home. But what if I told you that house flies can carry diseases too? Every time they land on something in your home, they have the potential to spread diseases like salmonella, typhoid fever, and more. Next time you’re trying to chase a fly around the kitchen, think about all of the food-prep areas and utensils they’re landing on! Rats might crawl around on the floor or counters and transfer diseases to what they come into contact with, but flies have almost limitless access to the smallest of areas…so what’s the bigger threat?

We’ve all seen flies hanging around dumpsters or buzzing around animal droppings in the yard. Those are the same flies that make their way into your house and then sit on your kitchen counter where you prepare your meals.

Household Remedies = Mediocre Results

If you understand the danger to your family’s health that flies pose, you’ll want to take action against these pests. However, if you don’t take the right kind of action, the danger will remain. Don't go for cheap and easy solutions that might halfway fix the problem.

The most common household remedies include sticky traps or light traps that attract some flies and kill them. Some people use clear bags of water to hang in front of their doors and windows to scare flies away. However, many flies will avoid these remedies and get into your home anyway. And just having a flyswatter at the ready won’t stop these flies from possibly transferring deadly diseases like salmonella onto whatever they land on before you notice.

No-Fly List              

The most surefire way to rid your home of flies for good is with the help of the professionals at Broadway Pest Services. With years of experience, our trained pest technicians know exactly how to take care of house fly infestations before they can damage your health and home. They’ll identify the issue and present you with the pest management strategies that will be most effective before moving forward with a plan. Their professional treatment methods are not only effective but are also safe for the environment, small children, and pets.
Serious health concerns call for professional quality solutions, and Broadway Pest Services has been at the forefront of fly eradication treatments for years. Stop leaving your health to chance and give us a call to schedule your consultation today.