The most effective method of mouse elimination is exclusion and treatment.We are experts at identifying where mice might be entering your apartment or business and know how to close holes and openings small enough to be closed by the different high quality materials we use.Larger holes can be patched and repaired for an additional fee.


The first step in our treatment is to inspect the location and to try to locate entry points.Our tech checks all common entry areas in the apartment or business.Once he has determined any entry points, he can move to the next step in the process which is treatment.


The most powerful form of rodent control is a product named tracking powder, this powerful powder can only be used by licensed technicians and needs special instruments to be applied. This is the main reason why a customer should use a licensed pest control professional, since the general public has no access to this product. We also use more traditional methods like glue boards, traps and bait in bait stations to augment this treatment. These methods can be adapted to the customers preference.


Exclusion is the last and probably most important part of our rodent control solutions. Our techs that do rodent services, carry sealing foam, steel wool, copper mess, and other materials that fit different appropriate areas.