We want to among the greenest companies in all of new york City

We take our environmental commitment to our city and it citizens very seriously at Broadway.  From limiting vehicle use, to using bio- pesticides or No pesticides and basically using what's called an Integrated Pest Management approach. 

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Integrated pest management

We are experts in a integrated pest management approach to pest control, and whether that means using lower risk, bio pesticides and even no pesticides is something we always want to consider.  We have worked in very sensitive environments to provide safe and effective pest control solutions. 


One of the highest MPG's of any pest control fleet in the country.

We look to purchase the most fuel efficient vehicles in the world, for even the few vehicles that we do use.  Only about 25% of our techs even drive vehicles, the rest use a form of public transport, or organizing rides between our fuel efficient vehicles. Our fleet average is over 55 miles per gallon and we think that's one of the best MPG's of any fleet in the city.  We have a Volt that gets up to 250 MPG, Two Smart Cars, and some of the the most fuel efficient  larger vehicles on the market. 

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Other Green Initiatives

Broadway tries to be a leader in green initiatives in many areas, from using the 3 R's as a corporate philosophy:  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  We try to print less and less each year, encouraging customers to receive and send digital invoices and payments.  We reuse any delivery bags sent to us and also encourage employees to bring in their non de script plastic bags for us to re use in our store.  We also recycle all the normal items the city requires and have recycled thousands of pounds of electronic materials though the cities Lower East Side ecological initiatvies,  find out more about this amazing organization by clicking below