An Environmental Commitment to Conduct Eco-Friendly, Ethical Busines Practices for New York City

You can depend on our pest control services to provide you with a reliable solution that will rid your Manhattan, NYC or Brooklyn home from unwelcome guests. Broadway Pest Control provides ongoing services which can be performed on a monthly, quarterly, every-other-month, or bi-annual basis.  Our monthly pest control program is affordable and covers a wide range of general, household insects for one  low cost. It also includes significant discounts on specialty pest control services like K9 bed bug inspections and bed bug eradication.


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Our goal: To be the most “Eco Friendly” pest control service in New York City

Not every pest control firm in NYC can claim that they offer eco-friendly services. In fact it can be dangerous to have heavy amounts of pesticides applied in close proximity to humans and pets.

Our environmentally friendly program is tailored to eradicate pests from apartments and homes preventing future infestations.  We achieve this objective with proven effectiveness and extremely low environmental and mammalian toxicity. These treatments can provide you with peace of mind while simultaneously removing pests from your home.


Our Eco Control environmental program for  the New York Metro Area consists of:

  • Combinations of plant essential oils that offer botanical alternatives to conventional liquid treatments
  • Self-contained bait stations, gels or pastes, and environmentally sensitive dust applied at crack and crevice or wall void locations
  • Monitoring devices and pheromone traps to monitor pest activity and create corrective action plans
  • Implementing strategies of integrated pest management focusing on habitat and structural modifications, inspection & monitoring, and target specific placement of products.
  • Conventional products on the exterior an on the interior with prior notification and on an as needed basis.
  • Cryonite poison free control in extreme sensitive areas.

Our Pledge to New York City

Broadway Exterminating has a strong commitment to the environment of our city as well as our larger home, Earth. The planet is clearly experiencing the effects of Carbon Dioxide on the environment. We at Broadway are commited to softening our impact on the Earth. This includes pioneering in NYC with alternative fuel vehicles. We have experimented with vegetable oil and other methods, but the best for New York City, especially, is hybrid technology. The amount of stop and go traffic that we encounter every day makes a big difference. And we call on all companies, pest control or not to consider switching. Not only do we save a lot of gas, but ours is only of a few that just turns off at a red light. Imagine if all of them were like that?


We are capable of using the latest technology to bring either pesticide free, or less toxic methods. We get up to 50% of our electricity from 100% renewable sources. Wind, bio energy and small hydro. We purchase 800KW hours of renewable every month, and place it in the grid. Sterling planet is who does this for us: We also want to call on other business’s in NYC to follow suit on this page. We are switching to handheld computers to keep track of work. We currently print 1000’s of pieces of paper a month, between toners, the power used, and man hours, using a handheld allows more productivity and much less use of resources. We plan on being 80% handheld by early 2007.



Our Green Service includes:

  • Bio Pesticides
  • Cryonite
  • Steam Treatments
  • Trapping
  • Physical Exclusion
  • Electronic Exclusion
  • State of the art electronic traps

At Broadway we offer Earth friendly alternatives to traditional pest control, Today’s bio-pesticides, made from different plant oils, are stronger and more effective than ever before. Allowing for professional strength treatment, while remaining safe for adults, children and pets. We use the ECO PCO line of professional control products, as well as steam and Cryonite treatment.

With a strong focus on IPM or Integrated Pest Management, Broadway can offer effective sevices, with strong earth friendly products.

For Bed BugsWe can use Eco Pco products, Cryonite, and steam treatment

For RoachesWe can use Eco Pco products, Cryonite, and Vacuum treatment.

For Mice & RatsTrapping, physical exclusion, electronic exclusion, and electronic traps

For Bees and WaspsCryonite is very effective against nests and the like.

Business’s, offices and the like, use a green pest control method to give peace of mind to employees, tenants, etc. Pricing is very competitive with traditional methods. This area allows you to get a good idea of how our “Green”service works in buildings, restaurants, food processing plants, etc.

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If you are a commercial business, we provide you with the tools needed to not allow pests to interfere with your daily engagements. If you are in a residential dwelling, we can remove and eliminate the problems whether its bed bugs or other pests. If you want to do it yourself, visit our online store. We offer consulting services if you are planning your next building or home and for any reason, please give us a call or email, we would be happy to help you out.