Mobile device entry and Reporting

Broadway has been a pioneer in digital entry and reporting as far back as 15 years ago. Luckily the newest cloud based business systems allows us to acquire, and share information easier than every before. 



Broadway has been using mobile devices for our technicians for longer than almost any other business in the country.  For the last fifteen years, we've had a long road to making our mobile devices the communications powerhouse that they are today.  This mirrors the broader stabilization of mobiles in the market place.  Beyond using one of the industry leading pest control software programs to track information, we also utilize Google Maps, and other cloud based app systems to run our business and to track information to help provide you a total pest free solution.  



Our mobile devices also help keep track of the legally required by the NYS DEC list of all chemical applications that have been performed to every building in New York State.  

Save trees.jpg

Save Thousands of trees a year

By using mobile devices and electronic reporting, we save thousands of trees from being used for paper each year.  The biggest use of paper products for any service company traditionally has been printing "Work Order" or whatever they are called.  This traditionally printed one piece of paper for each service.  Now with mobile devices, we have saved thousands a year in paper costs and also saved at least that many trees being diverted to the copy paper supply.