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John V

"One of my tenants recently had an emergency. Broadway Exterminating was there less than 24 hours of my phone call. The exterminator was prompt and professional. He was thorough and provided clear explanations for each and every treatment & preventative procedure that he was performing. I will not hesitate to use them again."


Michelle BW

"I discovered my neighbor had bedbugs and called Broadway. They promptly came over, did a thorough inspection of my place. They were incredibly nice and non alarmist, which I really appreciated under the circumstances. They found no evidence of infestation in my place yet and showed me ways to protect myself as best I could. They did a preventative spray to ease my mind and then showed me ways to protect myself in the best possible way. I found their prices and products, I got a bedbug mattress cover and one for my box spring too and also a preventative spray for baseboards and crevices in my apartment, of excellent quality and affordability. It's been 3 months and so far I'm still bedbug free."

***** stars



Sam Jorgenson

**** (4) STARS

4 months ago-

Broadway Exterminating helped us with a roach problem in our office. They came to our NYC location fairly quickly and was able to pinpoint the exact location of the issue. We're keeping them on speed dial for any more pest control issues.