Signs You Could Be Dealing With A Bed Bug Infestation In Manhattan

Bed bug

If you were asked what a bed bug is, you would probably have an overall idea and answer that they are pests that live in mattresses and bite people while they sleep. However, if you were asked what bed bugs look like, you might have a more difficult time answering that question. Bed bugs are invasive pests that can be difficult to identify in your Manhattan property, so knowing the signs of their presence is vital to get rid of infestations as quickly as possible. 

The problem with bed bugs is that they are difficult to notice given their small size. Contrary to popular belief, they aren’t invisible to the human eye, but the adults are still only the size of an apple seed, and the eggs are only about as big as a pinhead. They usually hide during the day, so it can be difficult to see these bugs when the infestation is first getting started.

The other problem is that bed bugs are often mistaken for other parasitic pests such as ticks and fleas. But, you can identify bed bugs by their oval-shaped flat bodies (except after they’ve eaten when they are quite round) and their reddish-brown coloring. Their bodies also look ribbed or striped, and they have small heads.

Bed Bug Bites: The First Sign Of Infestations

Usually, the first indicator that you have bed bug problems is noticing bite marks on your body. These marks can appear anywhere that your skin is exposed during sleep. While the marks can look slightly different from person to person, they usually show up in zigzag patterns or in a line, and they are usually reddish and small.

Many people also wonder why bed bugs bite while we sleep, and the reason is that they can sense the carbon dioxide we give off when we breathe as well as our body heat. This actually allows them to detect our presence and also know when we are sleeping versus awake. The bed bugs will then emerge from where they’ve been hiding to get a blood meal. Unlike ticks and fleas that often bite pets, bed bugs usually prefer to feed on humans. They will sometimes bite pets if the infestation grows, but people are their main target.

A Few More Signs Of Bed Bugs

While bite marks are good indicators of bed bugs, they could be mistaken for other insect bites. The next step would be to check for other visual signs of the presence of bed bugs. These signs include:

  • Staining that is usually brown around bedding, furniture, and even walls
  • Bloodstains from the bites on blankets and sheets
  • Discarded egg casings or bed bug skins around the building

It’s also essential to keep in mind that bed bugs don’t just invade sleeping areas. They do prefer to live near beds and often are found in the seams of mattresses, but they can also be found all over a home or apartment. They can live on other furniture and even outlet openings or holes in walls. So, when checking for signs of bed bugs, be sure to be thorough. 

What If You Think You Have Bed Bugs?

Notice any of the signs on this list? There is a good chance you might have a bed bug infestation already. If this is the case, give the pest control professionals at Broadway Pest Services a call today. Bed bugs are some of the most invasive and difficult pests to completely eradicate, and the only sure way to remove them and keep them from coming back is with bed bug control services.

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