How Much Do You Really Know About The Rats In New York City?


If you’ve ever wondered where the phrase ‘oh rats’ comes from, you won’t need to look too far – perhaps right outside your New York City home! Ah, rats: they’ve been a part of the human saga ever since the first villages of old. Measuring up to a foot long in some cases, rodents such as roof rats and Norway rats are the biggest problem pests in the Big Apple. In fact, recent studies have shown that there are over 2 million rats in the whole of New York City. That’s roughly ¼ of the entire human population! There are many problems that come with rats getting into homes and businesses, although this comes as no surprise. From destruction and disease to parasites and food contamination, it seems like there’s nothing these pests can’t do to their human hosts. 

Preventing Rats From Getting Into Your New York City Building

Despite their tactical infiltration methods, there are some ways to prevent rats from getting into your personal or commercial property. The best of these include:

  • Mitigating air humidity and puddling water
  • Managing food storage and garbage disposals
  • Monitoring all cracks and gaps around the building

Unfortunately, these prevention methods may be difficult to enact against conniving rodent populations. Indeed, rats can find all sorts of ways to skirt around home remedies and DIY (do it yourself) prevention, using their nimble frames and heightened smarts to sneak around undetected. Rodents are capable of slipping through holes as small as ¼ an inch in diameter. That’s as small as a quarter! What’s worse, these creatures can chew through just about anything. Wood, drywall, plastic, and even concrete walls are fair game. The rat's ability to climb up and scurry through available rooftop and window gaps virtually eliminate even the best sources of DIY pest control. Worried that rats may be getting a little too out of hand? Schedule a home inspection with Broadway Pest Services to get to the bottom of it – with professional strength products shipped directly to your door!

Get Tough, Get Tactical  -- Get Broadway Pest Services!

Rodents may not be the worst kind of pests you could get in your New York City home, but they certainly come close. With destructive tendencies, disgusting habits, and downright nasty attitudes, keeping these creatures too close for comfort is never a viable option. Prevention is a great way to keep pests out, and may often stop budding infestations from forming. However, it may not be such a great idea to handle live rodents on your own.

At the end of the day, the safest and most effective way to handle a New York City rat infestation is to call the professionals at Broadway Pest Services. Fifty years of on-the-ground, hands-on experience has shown us the worst of the worst of rat infestations, as well as the best of the best treatments available on the market today. We understand that New York City rodents are some of the toughest pests around, which is why we come prepared: With recurring services, fast-acting chemical treatments, and abatement programs that can all combine into a winning treatment plan that save needful New York City residents from hostile rat takeovers. Call the professional team at Broadway Pest Services to speak with an agent about your New York City rodent control concerns. We’re happy to answer any and all questions you may have, offering online, over the phone, or even in-person consultation at our local New York City branch. Rats won’t make things easy for you. Why make things easier for them? Get the jump on rodent activity with Broadway Pest Services now!