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Pest Control For Businesses In the Greater New York City area Including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Jersey City & Hoboken and Southern Westchester. 

Some pest control companies can make claims about their programs that rid businesses of insidious pests. We’ve been doing it for decades. At Broadway Pest Control we offer a one-stop solution for all commercial pest problems. We have been helping business owners and managers achieve pest free facilities in the Greater New York City area for over 40 years. At Broadway, we create customized pest control programs for local and national commercial industries. You will know that the treatments we prescribe will fit your needs; whether you are dealing with mice, rats, ants, cockroaches or other pests in your office, facility, restaurant, factory or other commercial buildings.


·        Food Processing Facilities
·        Restaurants
·        Public Lodging Facilities
·        Health Care Facilities
·        Schools, Colleges and other State Owned or Private Facilities
·        Property Management
·        Construction Site Locations
·        Distribution & Warehousing Facilities
·        Manufacturing Facilities
·        Any other type of Industrial or Commercial Facility

Since we do offer customized solutions, we encourage you to contact our pest control company today. We will meet with you to assess the situation and create a plan to fit your needs.


Pest Control for Restaurants and Eateries

Restaurants pose a unique series of difficulties but Broadway works with you to customize a pest management program that lets you to maintain your quality standards while minimizing the impact on your customers and business. Broadway's Service Technicians are, highly trained, courteous professionals who understand the relationship between pest management and restaurant safety, also use handheld mobile computers to relay real time information that can be accessed by you from our customer web portal 24 hours a day. 

They will work with you to develop a service program designed to eliminate your pest problems in the shortest possible time for your customers.  Each visit to your site is accompanied by a service report of any pest activity and the specific steps taken during that visit. Broadway Exterminating's restaurant programs are designed to go beyond both your requirements and all regulatory standards. It is designed to help get you or keep you an "A' grade with the city and to eliminate violations.

Food Processing Facilities

Broadway Exterminating is a commercial exterminating company that creates customized service programs to prevent and correct pest problems in all types of food processing facilities. We regularly visit your location, log any pest occurrences and work with you, the client, to further help you to prevent these potentially business damaging pests. Our Food Processing Facility pest control programs are designed to meet and exceed your expectations and all federal and local regulatory requirements. Our Technicians use handheld mobile computers to relay real time information that can be accessed by you 24 hours a day from our customer web portal.


Public Lodging Facilities

Broadway technicians are experts at the Public Lodging industry, creating customized programs to deal with even the toughest pest management problems. With an extensive amount of pest covered including bed bugs, our technicians are trained to manage the various pest species that can infest public lodging facilities and cause harm to your business.  Working with you to isolate any pest trouble spots, creating a service program to help prevent pests from returning, while educating you about the specific pest issues in your facility.  Broadway's Public Lodging Facility programs are designed to meet all public health requirements. We also arrange special pricing on K9 Bed bug inspections for our clients with Jeter at NYK9 Inspections. 


Health Care Facilities

At Broadway, we are uniquely equipped to handle the sensitive nature of pest control in Health Care Facilities.  Our trained professionals will work with you to develop a customized program designed to ensure that your pest management and state regulatory requirements are met or exceeded.  During regular site visits, our Technicians will make a detailed log of any pest activity found and relay this information to you while working with you to help prevent further pest problems. Our technicians are trained to service Health Care Facilities, and use handheld mobile computers to relay real time information that can be accessed from our customer web portal available 24/7. We also arrange special pricing on K9 Bed bug inspections for our clients with Jeter at NYK9 Inspections. 


Schools, Colleges and Other State Owned or Private Facilities

Broadway has worked with many major Universities, and colleges in New York City and we care about protecting children and adults in the schools, which means practicing reduced-risk common sense pest management.  As a QualityPro approved company through the NPMA, Broadway is held to a higher standard than other pest management companies.  Our technicians are experienced, trained and tested on school IPM (Integrated Pest Management) techniques and provide service that meets all state requirements.
We educate you to ensure safe management of these pests before they can become a problem and endanger you and your students. We also arrange special pricing on K9 Bed bug inspections for our clients with Jeter at NYK9 Inspections. 


Property Management

Pests, including ants, pigeons, roaches, mice, rats and bed bugs can pose health problems to your tenants and cause damage to your structures.  Broadway and our technicians create a targeted service program that effectively manages the problem. When choosing recurring services from weekly to quarterly, our technicians make regular visits, logging any pest occurrences and control measures in a special handheld mobile computer allowing you 24 hour access to info for each property. You will also receive special discount pricing for specialized services such as bed bug control and K9 Bed bug inspections, saving you money and providing your tenants world class service.


Construction Site Locations

Broadway Pest control has the experience and knowledge to help you with your Construction Site pest control problems. For years we have been working with construction professionals, including some of the biggest names like Skanksa, providing them with a service they can trust to eliminate problem pests and safeguard their workers and job site. Our  trained pest control technicians  regularly monitor pest activity and take any steps needed to prevent and exterminate pests, using a handheld computer to make a  log of their findings and provide you with 24 hour access to information through our web portal. All regulatory requirements are met and exceeded by Broadway Pest Controls Construction Site program.


Distribution & Warehousing Facilities

Pests can ruin stock and disrupt your business. Let Broadway Pest Control help you manage your pest problems. Our Technicians are experienced and trained to work with Distribution and Warehousing Facilities. We will meet with you to discuss your issues and concerns and create a program removing pests and keeping your business running smoothly. Our qualified technicians will make regular visits to your location, logging any pest instances and treating areas to prevent further infestation while working with you to educate and inform you on the best ways to prevent pests before they can damage your business. Handheld computer logging allows you the customer 24 hour access to your account through our web portal.


Manufacturing Facilities

Broadway Pest Controls Manufacturing Facilities program is created to meet the demands of pest control in the manufacturing environment. Your facility will be protected by our qualified pest control professionals whom, during their regular visits, will log any occurrences of pest infestation and take all the necessary steps to eradicate them. We work with you preventing these damaging pests before they can harm your Manufacturing Facility and business, using handheld computers we log observations and recommendations, allowing you 24 hour web portal access for information and even to pay your bills

CRYONITE: Environmentally sound, pest control through FREEZING.

KILLS. Cryonite kills insects by freezing. The freezing process is extremely fast and reaches a very low temperature. The speed is essential for effectiveness. The cooling medium is carbon dioxide snow, which the Cryonite unit sprays from the specially designed and patented nozzle.

DRY. Frozen carbon dioxide is also referred to as "dry ice", as it sublimates, that is goes from ice/snow directly to gas with no liquid phase in between. This enables treatment in areas like electrical cabinets, sockets and motors. In food industry flour will not turn into gooey dough!

SWIFT. Through an optimal combination of snow particle size and speed, the cooling is swift enough to make sure that bugs, including eggs and larvae, will not survive.

ERGONOMIC. The Cryonite unit is ergonomic in design, with a telescope function for extended reach and easy working posture, and a "goose-neck" which can be angled up to 90° or more for optimal spraying angle.

PENETRATES. The Cryonite snow penetrates well into deep cracks and crevices, complicated machines, and reaches far into long pipes.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. The process is 100% environmentally friendly as the CO2 released from our systems has been sequestered from the industrial process. In short, the CO2 we use is being 100% reused, adding 0% to our carbon footprint.

POISON-FREE. As the method is non-poisonous, many advantages follow:

* Evacuation of a treated area is not necessary.
* In food industry pest control can be carried out despite production going on at adjacent production lines.
* It can also be used on surfaces in direct contact with food.
* Using Cryonite in homes enables tenants to return immediately after treatment.
* In hotels the room can be let immediately afterwards.

FUTURE PROOF It is also the pest control tool of the future. As regulations exclude chemical after chemical, Cryonite is non-chemical and will stay competitive. Chemical resistance buildup is also not a problem. Cryonite is exempt from registration by the EPA.

Cryonite Effect

Carbon dioxide snow ("dry ice" snow) is very cold, about -78°C (-108°F). But being cold does not necessarily mean being able to cool. Or, put another way: big temperature difference is not the same as high energy transfer.

Imagine the snow that is produced by a fire extinguisher, has of course another goal than freezing tiny bugs. It is therefore of a very different quality. Compared to Cryonite snow, the particle size is big, and the particle speed is slow. Regarding killing bugs, it simply cannot get the work done.

The Cryonite effect - the rapid freezing - is dependent on a certain mix of particle sizes and speeds. The cooling occurs in several phases, where each phase has an optimal combination of a particle size and speed, for attaining maximum cooling rate. Having somewhat bigger particles in the mix, makes the particle-stream efficacious also at longer ranges, and in warmer surroundings.

The speed helps the penetration deep into thin cracks and crevices, in buildings as well as in machines, and also hurtles them through long pipes. But the speed is also an integral part of the freezing itself. For the energy transfer to be efficient, the ice-particles need good contact with the target (bug or surface). A high speed makes for a good, contact-making impact on the target.

Cryonite is a new pest control technology with great potential.

It is by its very nature environmental friendly and hygienic. But most of all it is poison free - which means many positive things when it comes to using it.

Poison Free - use it anywhere, anytime, on surfaces in contact with food (e.g. bakeries, kitchens).if your production line can't be stopped, any critical problems can still be swiftly remediated! You can let apartment tenants in immediately, in hotels let the room immediately after treatment.

Residue free - Use it in sensitive environments.

Dry Material - Use it in electrical switchboxes (e.g. food industries) and sockets (an often overlooked bed bug hiding spot).

Physical (non-chemical) - There is no resistance build-up against pesticides - for the future and if the bugs already are resistant - this will kill them.


Any Other Type of Industrial or Commercial Facility

If you don’t fit into any of the other categories– Broadway Pest Control can tailor a pest control program to your needs. Our fully trained pest control technicians perform regular site visits to log any pest occurrences and take all the necessary steps to eradicate them. Working with you, we locate any problem areas there may be and help you to keep pests out before they can do any damage.




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